Caring for your guitar

A good guitar is a delicate instrument and will repay careful use and storage.

You should avoid extremes of humidity (too dry or too humid). A humid atmosphere can cause the wood to swell slightly, putting the instrument under extra strain, and a dry atmosphere can cause it to shrink—in extreme cases causing cracking.

To avoid these problems it makes sense to keep your guitar in its case whenever you are not playing it or about to play it, together with some sort of humidity control. To encourage you to do this Opus One guitars include a Hiscox guitar case as standard, and a D’Addario Humidipak. Just keep the Humidipak in the case with your guitar and replace it every few months and you should be OK.

Also, remember that spruce is a very soft wood and although protected by the French polish the soundboard is still susceptible to scratching and denting if knocked against something hard, which includes finger-nails!

And whatever you do, don’t spill alcohol on it as French polish is soluble in alcohol!

Rosewood on the other hand is a very hard wood, so the back and sides are more robust than the soundboard, but they are less than 2 mm thick so are easily damaged by sharp objects. Another reason to keep your guitar in its case!